Starting Point

FAQ - non-technical questions and answers about AGS and the website.

Beginners' FAQ - technical help with using AGS, known bugs and how-to's

Using AGS - tutorials, help and resources

The following webpages have been constructed by many people from the AGS community to try and make things easier for you when you're getting to grips with AGS.


  • Getting started with AGS - a new web-based version of the manual tutorial; still in progress.
  • Scripting in AGS - the official getting started with scripting tutorial.
  • Video tutorials - densming has kindly created these video tutorials stepping you through creating a game with AGS
  • Drawing backgrounds - a collection of tutorials on various art-related topics, by eric.

Help / FAQs

  • The AGS Wiki - various tutorials and resources to help you out with your game
  • The AGS Beginners FAQ - common tech questions asked by people starting out with AGS, maintained by TerranRich.
  • SSH's AGS blog - tech hints and tips, as well as more general AGS community news and gossip
  • AGS Engine Plugin API - for developers, how to author your own plugin for the AGS engine
  • AGS Engine Editor API - for developers, how to author your own plugin for the AGS editor


  • AGS Resources - an archive of modules, templates, fonts, plugins and more made for AGS.
  • Insta-Game - ready-made backgrounds, characters and items for you to use in your game, run by eric and Sylpher.
  • SCI Fonts pack - wanted to use different fonts in your game but couldn't find any anywhere? This page has a comprehensive list of fonts for you to use.