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The Adventure Game Studio forums are there for everyone to discuss AGS, adventure games and anything else that comes to mind. However, as a new user there are a couple of guidelines that you should follow:

  • When asking for help, please try to make the subject of your thread as specific as possible -- do not use "Help!" or "Question for Chris", for example.
  • Have a quick check of the AGS FAQ for commonly asked questions, and please make sure you've worked through the Tutorials before asking basic technical questions.
  • Have a read of the AGS Forums FAQ to see answers to common questions that are asked, so you can avoid asking them again!

And of course, please take some time to browse around before diving in and posting.

Unofficial Forums

If English isn't your native tongue, there are unofficial French, German and Italian language forums. These are not officially supported, so if you have a technical question that you need an answer to, you're better off using the official English forums instead.

Other Community Pages

AGS Wiki AGS Wiki
provides information on community history, in jokes, members and so on.
AGS Facebook AGS Facebook Group
shows user submitted community updates and discussion.
AGS Discord AGS Discord Server
allows users to chat in real time, using a variety of desktop and mobile devices.
AGS Quotefile AGS Quote File
where notable quotes from the channel are submitted by members.
for more old-skool users, the #AGS IRC channel has been running for over ten years, and is used regularly by many members of the community.
AGS Donate Donate
for if you would like to show your appreciation for the expense and hard work that goes into maintaining the AGS website and forums. All donations go towards hosting costs.