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Release notes


Page Change(s)
All Finalised all 27 unique pages and created alternative scenario's where needed. Made sure it looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop view in Chrome. Validated each page with W3C Validator.
Mapping Added a mapping document with all pages and scenarios
Homepage | The Latest from Our Forums Feedback; When you hover over the truncated title (desktop) or tap on the icon in front of the title (mobile/tablet), a tooltip is shown with the full title.
AGS | Features Feedback; show the features in a more modern way.
Join Feedback; make the page less boring


Page Change(s)
Search (games) New page
Homepage/Menu/Breadcrumbs Changed the 'subjects' to "Create", "Play" and "Join".
Homepage Play games will show 2 latest games (to show relevance) and 2 random AGS Award winners (will be randomised when real data is implemented)
Menu Added the 4 most visited forum topics to the menu (homepage, completed game announcements, games in production and competitions & activities
Play AGS Award Winners will show 4 random winners who won at least 5 awards. Replaced "popular games" by "popular freeware games" and "popular commercial games, which will show 4 random games with at least 4 cups player rating (will be randomised when real data is implemented)
Menu Added a new menu option that's only visible to a logged in user called "your games", which will redirect the user to the search page with a predefined filter that shows all games that are uploaded by their username.
Add a new game New page
Cookie Bar & Cookie info page Okay button on bar isn't functional yet. Currently only visible on homepage. Eventually will be shown on every page.
General Replaced basic bootstrap slider with a more advanced one that includes videos, zoom, full screen, etc.
Game Details Hid feedback images on mobile.


Page Change(s)
Browse Games New Page
SCI Fonts New Page
Landing Page Finished Page
AGS Engine Finished Page
Game Details Finished Page.
Added "Pick of the Month", "Player Comment" and changed "Feedback" design from columns to rows. Made player cups gold.
Generic Removed the animated arrows in the buttons for mobile devices


Page Change(s)
Generic Use one font (Nunito) throughout the whole website and standardised the font sizes.
Generic Renamed "Make Games" to "Create Games".
Generic Removed all placeholder navigation URLs and added target="_blank" to all external URLs (open in new tab/window). All external dynamic URLs (e.g. to the forums) are still placeholders.
Landing Page Merged Create & Play into one splash header and updated CJ's "Do you think you have what it takes". The image needs to be remade by an artist. The idea is that you see the transfer from creation to playing.
Landing Page Added a scroll indicator to the top splash screen.
Landing Page Added key features for the AGS engine in a screen high area. Replaced download by "learn more".
Landing Page Landing Page: Added a section "community".
AGS Engine Replaced the "Do you think you have what it takes" header with the exact same one as on the landing page (not everyone will come via the landing page)
Games Detail Changed the size of the image from 1/3rd of the page to 1/2 of the page.
Games Detail Simplified voting and moved it above the about section.
Generic Standardised and cleaned up CSS file
Landing Page Removed the game highlight hover animation on mobile.


Page Change(s)
Generic Rough proposal Landing, Games, Community and AGS Engine Pages, to sell the concept.